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HP Basket Owl

The HP Basket Owl Planter is a hand-painted ceramic planter featuring a sitting owl with a basket at the side, from which your plants can grow. It is made with the finest craftsmanship under strict quality control. The glossy pink finish brings vibrance to your space and plants.

The planter is made using a traditional ceramic-making process. First, the clay is moulded and fired in a kiln to create the base which is called bisque firing. Then, the planter is hand-painted with intricate details, such as the sitting owl and the basket from which the plants grow. Finally, it is fired in the kiln again to set the paint and create a glossy pink finish. This process ensures that each planter is unique and has a high-quality finish. Only the best pieces are selected for sale.

In Indian culture, owls are associated with wisdom, knowledge, and foresight. Owls are believed to be a symbol of good fortune and are revered for their ability to see through the dark and perceive things that others cannot. In Hinduism, the goddess Lakshmi is often depicted with an owl as her companion, signifying her wisdom and prosperity.

The HP Basket Owl Planter is a perfect blend of artistic craftsmanship and cultural significance, making it an ideal gift for those who appreciate the beauty of both art and nature.

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Color – Pink

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HP Basket Owl

Care Guide

Handle with care. Do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning. Wipe with a soft damp cloth. Keep away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Recycling Information 

The HP Basket Owl Planter can be recycled with ceramic waste, or disposed of in regular waste bins.

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