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Scindapsus Aureus 'N'Joy'

Epipremnum, commonly known as the Scindapsus N’Joy, boasts a unique white flame pattern on its small leaves. This graceful plant has a fresh colour palette and makes for a perfect addition to your bathroom. Bathrooms are an excellent place for plants, as they create a tropical ambiance while purifying the air. This plant is commonly known in India as the marble money plant or pothos. This plant is very easy to grow and a lot of people start their plant parent journey with this plant

Compared to the Scindapsus Aureum, the N'Joy is a real hanging plant. The Epipremnum belongs to the Araceae family, and in its natural habitat in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and the Solomon Islands, it grows as a creeper on trees. NASA places this plant among the three house plants which remove formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and improve air quality.

While the plant is a rich source of food for reptiles in tropical rainforests, it is not suitable for human or pet consumption.


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Scindapsus Aureus &
Scindapsus Aureus &
Scindapsus Aureus &

Water and Fertiliser 

The plant prefers well-draining, aerated, and moisture-retentive soil. Watering should occur when the soil's top 2 inches feel dry, and overwatering can lead to root rot. Use 50 ml water twice a week. Use RO water or water which has TDS less than 300. Fertilise once a month with an organic fertilizer.

Light and Temperature

During early spring until late fall, you can take this plant outdoors for increased natural light, but make sure to avoid direct sun.

These plants thrive in temperatures between 21°C and 30°C but can withstand even colder and hotter temperatures.

However, when temperatures fall to 10°C or lower during the night, it’s better to bring it back inside.

Keep the plant outside in shade for 2 days every 15 days. The plant grows faster in shade. Avoid direct sunlight.

Plant Parent Level


Additional Instructions

The plant is toxic to cats, and dogs. It’s essential to keep the plant away from pets and young children. 

Pruning and repotting should occur once a year.

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