Why we started Pariworld

Can you imagine a world without the green colour in it? Sadly that’s where we are heading.
Pariworld was started with the aim to create a healthier and greener environment for everyone. Our founder, DK Khiyani, was compelled to start this venture after witnessing the adverse impact of pollution on his four-year-old son's health. Being in the real estate business, he realised the magnitude of pollution generated by the construction and real estate industry and its impact on the environment. The construction industry is one of the leading causes of PM2.5 and PM10 particles in cities.

It is heartbreaking to see your young child being forced to take immunosuppressant medicine to alleviate his allergy which works like a bandaid and doesn’t help the root cause. It causes further pain when you realise that directly or indirectly you are involved in the same business which degrades the environment and health of so many people.

The realisation of the moral implications of his work and the need for a sustainable environment inspired him to explore the benefits of indoor plants. Someone suggested that indoor plants can help improve air quality and alleviate allergies, among other benefits.

He started experimenting with indoor plants in his own home and noticed a significant improvement in air quality and a drop in temperature. His son’s allergies also improved and medicines were reduced. Impressed with the results, he decided to take this initiative a step further and help others create a green and healthy environment through Pariworld.

Today, Pariworld is committed to promoting the use of indoor plants and creating a sustainable future for all. Our mission is to help people lead a healthier and happier life through the power of plants. We do this by providing healthy plants and continued plant care for them.

Our Vision and work

At Pariworld, our vision is to create a world where urban living doesn't have to mean sacrificing a connection to nature. We believe that plants have the power to transform our indoor spaces, making them healthier, more sustainable, and more beautiful.

By bringing plants into homes, we aim to reduce carbon emissions by lowering indoor temperatures and promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Plants reduce indoor temperature up to 5-10 degrees by releasing mist in the air. Our goal is to make it easy and accessible for everyone to incorporate plants into their daily lives through a wide range of plants, planters, accessories, and educational resources.

It is really lovely when people gift each other real, living plants. Our goal is to provide you with the right plants which will thrive in the climate you live.

We believe that this will not only improve the physical environment but also enhance mental and emotional wellbeing. We are not just a business, we want to leave a positive impact on people and their lives, and our mission is to do that using plants. That’s our medium and message.