Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger

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Water Requirement

The Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger prefers 50 ml of water three times a week, ensuring the topsoil is dry before each session. For optimal growth, use RO purified water or ensure the TDS is below 300. As winter approaches, reduce the watering to once a week. Most importantly, avoid overwatering as it causes root rot and inhibits plant growth.


To keep your Hybrid Tiger in optimal condition, it is recommended to fertilize it monthly.

Light & Temperature

While it's adaptable to various light conditions, the Hybrid Tiger thrives best in bright, indirect light. Exposing the plant to direct sunlight can potentially result in leaf burn. To maintain the plant's health, it is recommended to provide it with a bi-weekly exposure to a shaded outdoor area for a duration of two days. This plant flourishes well in temperatures between 16-30°C. During the intense summer and winter months, especially in North India, a touch of extra care ensures the Tiger's continued vibrancy.

Pruning & Repotting

To maintain the Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger's health, occasional pruning is helpful. Remove yellowing or damaged leaves to promote new growth. Repot when the plant outgrows its current pot, choosing one that is 2 inches larger in diameter with good drainage. This allows for root growth and ensures the plant remains vibrant. However, avoid repotting during extreme weather conditions, like the summer heat or winter cold, to prevent plant stress.

Planter Size
Color – White

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Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger
Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger
Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger
Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger
Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger
Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger

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Spruce up your indoor oasis with the eye-catching Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger. This plant is a testament to nature's wild elegance. With leaves that mirror the majestic patterns of a tiger, this plant is a bold statement of nature's artistry. Born from the union of various Aglaonema species, the Hybrid Tiger is not just about aesthetics; it's also a breeze to care for.

Whether you're a seasoned plant lover or just starting out, this plant, with its air-purifying prowess, promises to be both a visual and functional delight in your space. It thrives well in low light conditions, making it perfect for those darker corners of your home or office. Plus,  its compact size makes it an ideal addition to any indoor setting, be it a small apartment or a big commercial space.

Requiring minimal maintenance and boasting a plethora of benefits, the Hybrid Tiger is truly a plant that has it all.

  • Beginner-Friendly - The Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger is an excellent choice for beginners in indoor gardening. It thrives with minimal care and attention, making it ideal for newcomers to this green world.
  • Low Maintenance - The Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger is known for its low maintenance needs. It can thrive in a variety of light conditions, from bright indirect light to low light conditions.
  • Air Purifying - According to a NASA study, this is one of the best air-purifying plants. It helps remove harmful toxins from the air, making it a great addition to any home or office space.
  • Versatile Placement - Due to its low light requirements, the Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger can be placed in almost any room in your home or office.
  • How often should I water the Hybrid Tiger?

    To keep the Hybrid Tiger healthy, water it three times a week and reduce the frequency to once a week during winter.

  • What's its preferred lighting?

    Hybrid Tiger loves bright, indirect light but can adapt to various light conditions. It's advisable to shield it from direct sunlight to ensure its well-being.

  • Is Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger safe for pets?

    While the Hybrid Tiger is non-toxic, it's best to keep it out of reach of pets as ingesting any plant can cause discomfort.

  • Any special care tips?

    To ensure the plant's health, it is advised to keep it in a shaded outdoor area. Providing bi-weekly exposure to shade for two days will help maintain its well-being.

  • Does Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger purify the air?

    Yes, the Hybrid Tiger is known for its air-purifying abilities, making it a great addition to any indoor space. It can help remove harmful toxins and improve air quality.

Unbox Your Green Oasis

  • Aglaonema Commutatum Hybrid Tiger plant with pot: Height - 45.72 to 53.34 cm
  • Pot Size: Height 12.7 cm
  • Soil Media: Coco Peat
  • Recyclable Box

Disclaimer: The box you receive will contain the plant and planter you selected during the ordering process.


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