Antique Car Pot (set of 2)

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This Antique Car planter, made of superior ceramic material that offers exceptional strength, is a distinctive and charming addition to any space. It beautifully captures the spirit of yesteryears with its vintage pickup truck design.

Care Instructions

To maintain the vintage charm of this antique car planter and remove dirt, gently wipe it with a soft, damp cloth. Pay special attention to crevices where dust may accumulate over time. Avoid using harsh chemicals to preserve its integrity.


The unique vintage design, rustic allure, antique wooden finish, and superior ceramic quality make Antique Car planters a perfect piece for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It infuses tranquility into your space while becoming a focal point of admiration in any setting.


Elevate the aesthetics of your living space with the vintage pickup truck-shaped Antique Car planter. It is a vintage treasure with rustic allure and an antique wooden finish that creates a nostalgic atmosphere and adds an exclusive touch to your space.

Color – Wooden

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Antique Car Pot (set of 2)
Antique Car Pot (set of 2)
Antique Car Pot (set of 2)
Antique Car Pot (set of 2)

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Cultivate a sanctuary of serenity within your home with a vintage pickup truck-shaped Antique Car Pot from Pariworld. It has a rustic allure and antique wooden finish that elevates the aesthetics of any space and creates a nostalgic atmosphere in your home. Crafted from superior ceramic material, its unique design ensures that every piece has its own distinctive character that adds a touch of exclusivity and sophistication to your space.

The Antique Car Pot’s wooden finish allows you to embrace the rustic charm and timeless appeal of the vintage world, making it a focal point of attention in your home. This set’s vintage design suits any decor style, making it perfect for both home and office spaces. From small plants, herbs, succulents, and other flora, all your green friends can fit into the Antique Car Planter and fill your space with natural allure.

These planters gives you the convenience of turning your area into a lively and inviting oasis filled with greenery, elegance, and tranquility. It comes with a built-in drainage hole that prevents waterlogging and promotes plant health. You can maintain this planter's vintage appearance for many years with gentle cleaning and upkeep.

Whether you seek to add a vintage element to match your decor style or create a realm of lush greenery, this Antique Car Pot fulfills both purposes. It allows you to blend your love for gardening with a cherished piece of the past and raise the ambiance of your living area.

  • Regular Cleaning - To maintain the appearance and timeless beauty of the Antique Car pot, simply wipe it with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Pay attention to the crevices as dust generally accumulates in that place. Handle it with care, avoid using harsh chemicals, and don't expose it to extreme temperatures to preserve its integrity and allure.
  • Effective Drainage - The Antique Car Pot features a built-in water drainage hole, making it perfect for indoor use and effortless to upkeep.
  • Seasonal Care - Although Antique car planters are made with high-quality ceramic, your green friends may require additional care in times of extreme weather conditions. Place your planter in a safe and sheltered location to protect your green allies from damage.
  • Reusability - At Pariworld, we are committed to sustainability and, therefore, use eco-friendly materials in manufacturing. The Antique Car Pot can be repurposed for various uses or is 100% recyclable at ceramic recycling facilities.

Explore the detailed specifications of the Antique Car Pot, a perfect addition to infuse classic charm to your patio or living space. Its vintage pickup truck design, rustic allure, and antique wooden finish add a touch of rustic refinement that fills your space with timeless elegance and royalty. The supreme ceramic quality makes antique car pots strong and durable for different seasons.

Available in one universal size, it fits perfectly well in both indoor and outdoor spaces and fosters a heaven of greenery and refinement. Embrace sustainability with these fully recyclable antique car pots that not only bring aesthetic appeal to your home but also allow you to contribute to environmental conservation.

Material: Ceramic

Design: Vintage Pickup Truck Shape with Antique Wooden Finish

Features: Drainage Hole

Usage: Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Set: Includes 2 Planters

Weight: 1.100Kg each

Recycling: These planters can be repurposed for various uses or are 100% recyclable at ceramic recycling facilities.

Dimensions: Length - 21.59 cm, Width - 8.89 cm, Height - 13.97 cm

  • What kind of plants are ideal for the Antique Car Planter?

    The planter is perfect for small plants, herbs, or succulents.

  • Can the Antique Car Planter be recycled?

    Yes, it can be repurposed or taken to a ceramic recycling facility for recycling.

  • How resistant is the paint on the Antique Car Planter to chipping?

    The paint is designed to be durable, but it is recommended to handle the planter with care to avoid harsh impacts that could cause chipping.


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