Antique Mug Pot (set of 2)

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Expertly crafted from high-quality ceramic, the Antique Mug Planter promises both durability and longevity. This robust material ensures the planter maintains its beauty over time, making it a lasting accessory for your plants.

Care Instructions

To maintain its unique vintage charm, simply dust it regularly with a soft cloth and occasionally wipe it with a damp cloth using mild cleaning agents.


Its unique design and practical size of Antique Mug Pot makes it an ideal choice for plant enthusiasts and those looking to add a vintage touch to their indoor environment.


Designed to withstand the test of time, this ceramic planter promises longevity. It's an ideal home for various types of plants, from vibrant flowers to lush green ferns, ensuring they have a stylish and sturdy base.

Color – Wooden

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Antique Mug Pot (set of 2)
Antique Mug Pot (set of 2)
Antique Mug Pot (set of 2)
Antique Mug Pot (set of 2)

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Imagine a tranquil sanctuary in your home, a place where natural beauty and serenity coexist in harmony. The Antique Mug Planter is exactly that - a blissful haven for your cherished plants. This uniquely designed ceramic planter exudes a vintage elegance with its mug-like silhouette and wooden appearance, making it a graceful addition to any indoor setting. Its rich brown glaze adds depth and warmth, creating an atmosphere of peaceful retreat and nurturing care.

The Antique Mug Planter is a statement of sustainable living and natural wellness. Perfect for showcasing small plants such as succulents, herbs, or other petite greenery, it offers a refreshing and invigorating touch to your living space. Each plant nestles comfortably in this cozy home, flourishing under your care. The planter's compact and versatile nature allows it to seamlessly integrate into various indoor environments, from the corner of a desk to a radiant windowsill, enhancing the room with its delightful presence.

Equipped with a drainage hole, the Antique Mug Planter marries functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring that your plants enjoy a healthy and blissful environment. This feature is a testament to the planter's thoughtful design, aimed at making plant care both easy and enriching. Whether you are a gardening enthusiast seeking a quaint home for your greenery or someone looking to add a touch of elegance and tranquillity to your interior, this planter is a perfect choice.

Incorporating the Antique Mug Planter into your decor is like creating a small, personal oasis of zen and radiance. It offers an opportunity to infuse your everyday life with a sense of gratitude, renewal, and serendipity. Every glance at this magical planter is a reminder of the abundance and grace of the natural world, transforming your living space into a sanctuary of bliss and harmony.

  • Gentle Maintenance for Lasting Elegance - To preserve the enchanting beauty of your Antique Mug Planter, a gentle touch is key. Clean it regularly using a mild soap solution or a gentle cleaning liquid and avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, or strong solvents to maintain its elegant finish.
  • Ensuring Optimal Drainage - For the wellbeing of the plants housed in your Antique Mug Planter, adequate drainage is provided through an integrated drainage hole.
  • Protecting Against Harsh Weather - While the Antique Mug Planter is designed with durability in mind, it’s advisable to protect it from extreme weather conditions. During harsh climates, move it to a sheltered area to preserve both the planter's rustic aesthetic and the well-being of the plants it nurtures.
  • Eco-Friendly End-of-Life Care - Aligned with our dedication to environmental sustainability, the Antique Mug Planter is 100% recyclable. When the time comes, embrace this eco-conscious choice by taking your planter to a local recycling centre. This action contributes to an ongoing cycle of renewal and reflects a deep respect for our natural world, harmonizing your gardening practices with the principles of environmental stewardship.

Discover the charm and functionality of the Antique Mug Planter, a beautifully crafted addition to your indoor gardening collection. Made from high-quality ceramic, this planter features a rich brown glaze that mimics the warm tones of wood, lending it a vintage, mug-like appearance. Its compact size, complete with a drainage hole, makes it an ideal choice for nurturing small-sized plants, adding a touch of elegance and tranquillity to your indoor spaces. Meticulously designed to blend style with practicality, the Antique Mug Planter fits seamlessly into any interior décor.

Material: High-Quality Ceramic

Finish: Brown Glaze with a Wooden Appearance

Design: Vintage Mug

Features: Compact Size, Drainage Hole, Ideal for Small Plants

Usage: Indoor

Weight: 0.340Kg each

Dimensions: Specifically designed for small-sized plants
Diameter - 8.89cm, Height - 10.16cm

Recycling Information:
As part of our commitment to sustainability, the Antique Mug Planter can be recycled following local ceramic recycling guidelines at the end of its service life. Alternatively, it can be creatively repurposed as a decorative item, extending its usability while retaining its aesthetic value.

  • What kind of plants are best suited for the Antique Mug Pot?

    The Antique Mug Planter is perfectly suited for small plants such as succulents, herbs, or other petite indoor plants.

  • How do I maintain the drainage hole?

    To ensure the health of your plants, keep the drainage hole unobstructed, allowing excess water to escape easily.

  • What is the design style of the Antique Mug Planter?

    The Antique Mug Planter showcases a vintage charm and rustic elegance. Its design resembles a classic mug, making it a unique and stylish choice for indoor spaces.

  • Can the Antique Mug Planter be used in outdoor settings?

    The Antique Mug Planter is primarily intended for indoor use. Its design and materials are best suited to enhance indoor decor while bringing a touch of nature inside your home.

  • Is the Antique Mug Planter easy to maintain?

    Yes, the Antique Mug Planter is easy to maintain. Its ceramic material can be easily wiped clean, and the compact size makes it convenient to manage and care for.


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