Antique Rabbit Pot (Set of 2)

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Enrich your home and bring a whimsical touch to your living space with the Antique Rabbit Pot. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this planter exudes sophistication, elegance, and durability.

Care Instructions

To maintain the elegance and vintage charm of the Antique Rabbit Pot, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth when necessary. Handle the planter with care to avoid any potential damage.


Enhance your floral display with the Antique Rabbit Planter, a captivating piece that brings a unique charm to both indoor and outdoor spaces. It adds a touch of vintage charm and graceful elegance to every place, be it a lush garden or a cozy indoor setting.


Infuse vintage allure and classic charm into your living space with an aesthetically designed Antique Rabbit Pot. It features a serene rabbit lying down, with a hollowed-out back that provides a perfect cradle for your plants.

Color – Wooden

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Antique Rabbit Pot (Set of 2)
Antique Rabbit Pot (Set of 2)
Antique Rabbit Pot (Set of 2)
Antique Rabbit Pot (Set of 2)
Antique Rabbit Pot (Set of 2)

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Incorporate a splash of nature's beauty into your living space with Antique Rabbit Pot, a captivating piece of art for your green friends to reside and thrive. These exquisite pots feature the shape of a serene rabbit resting down, with a hollowed-out back that makes an ideal cradle for your plants. The adaptable design and antique finish of this planter offer a touch of refinement and timeless appeal to any decor style.

Crafted from High-Quality Ceramic, this Antique Rabbit Planters brings a unique charm and a touch of nature's serenity to any space, be it a lush garden or a cozy indoor setting. The Antique Rabbit Planter is not just a simple vessel for your plants, but it also holds a symbolic meaning. In Indian culture, rabbits are symbols of positivity, fertility, and prosperity, and this planter embodies all of that, making it a vessel of good vibes and a delightful presence in your space.

Ideally designed for small plants and particularly well-suited for succulents, herbs, or blooming flowers, these antique rabbit pots infuse vitality, positivity, and prosperity into your home or garden space. These versatile plant pots can be placed on a tabletop, windowsill, shelf, garden, or dining table centerpiece. They are sure to be a delightful addition to your home. It has an inbuilt drainage hole at the bottom to ensure that your plants stay healthy and thrive better.

  • Regular Cleaning - Maintain the timeless charm and pristine look of the Antique Rabbit Pot by simply wiping it down with a damp cloth whenever you find any dust. Avoid using abrasive materials, which can scratch the surface and affect the planter's longevity.
  • Drainage - Antique Rabbit Pot comes with an inbuilt drainage hole that keeps your plants healthy. When watering your plants, ensure moderation and allow any excess water to escape through the drainage hole to maintain a healthy environment for your plants.
  • Seasonal Care - To ensure the longevity of your Antique Rabbit Planter, it is recommended to keep it away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. During harsh weather, reallocate the planter to a safe and sheltered location to protect them from potential damage.
  • Reusability - When it comes to parting ways with your Antique Rabbit Planter, consider eco-friendly options such as recycling or turning it into a decorative object or container. Contact your local recycling program to find out the best way to dispose of ceramic goods.

The Antique Rabbit Planter is a captivating piece of vintage art that turns your space into a timeless sanctuary filled with antique grace and natural beauty. This planter is meticulously crafted in the shape of a serene rabbit resting down, with a hollowed-out back that serves as a suitable cradle for your plants.

Made from High-Quality Ceramic, the Antique Rabbit Pot is inspired by Indian culture, where rabbits are a symbol of positivity, fertility, and prosperity. The antique elegant planters with an antique wooden finish brings a unique charm and timeless appeal to any space, be it indoor or outdoor. Its inbuilt drainage holes foster plant health and balance by preventing waterlogging. The Planter’s cultural significance and versatile design bring an abundance of positivity and prosperity to your home. Moreover, the Antique Rabbit Pot is fully recyclable, making it perfect for eco-conscious people.

Material: High-Quality Ceramic with Antique Finish

Design: Prone Rabbit Shape

Features: Hollowed-out Back for Planting, Drainage Hole

Suitable For: Small Plants

Usage: Indoor and Outdoor

Placement: Versatile - Tabletop, Windowsill, Shelf, Garden, Dining Table Centerpiece

Weight: 0.532Kg each

Set: Includes 2 Planters

Cultural Significance: Symbolizes Positivity, Fertility, and Prosperity in Indian Culture

Recycling Information: Recyclable

Dimensions: (L17.78) (D6.35) (H10.16)

  • What type of plants are best suited for Antique Rabbit Pot?

    The Antique Rabbit Planter is perfect for small sized plants, including succulents, herbs, and flowering plants.

  • Can it be used outdoors?

    Yes, this planter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, to preserve its antique finish and integrity, it is best to protect it from extreme weather conditions and direct sunlight.

  • How do I clean the planter?

    To preserve the antique finish and integrity of the Antique Rabbit Planter, gently clean it with a moist cloth and avoid using strong chemicals.


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