Antique Tiny Pot (set of 2)

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Our Antique Tiny Planter shines with its exquisite craftsmanship by undergoing a rigorous double glaze firing process, achieving a luxurious wooden appearance, coupled with a timeless antique finish that stands out in any setting.

Care Instructions

Caring for the Antique Tiny Planter is effortless. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth effectively removes any dirt or debris, maintaining its pristine condition.


Specially designed for small indoor and outdoor plants, this compact planters is ideal for spaces like windowsills, bookcases, shelves, or even work desks. Its size ensures it fits snugly in various settings.


The rich, wooden aesthetic of the planter radiates a classic, vintage charm. This unique design choice makes it a perfect match for various decor styles, from modern minimalism to more traditional settings.

Color – Wooden

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Antique Tiny Pot (set of 2)
Antique Tiny Pot (set of 2)
Antique Tiny Pot (set of 2)
Antique Tiny Pot (set of 2)
Antique Tiny Pot (set of 2)

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Experience the tranquil charm of the Antique Tiny Pot Planter, a miniature haven crafted to cradle your delicate plants and herbs. These planters stands as an emblem of minimalist elegance, seamlessly blending into any decor with its versatile and enchanting presence. Its serene and graceful form is a testament to the peaceful simplicity that transforms any space into a cozy retreat.

Meticulously crafted, each Antique Tiny Pot Planter goes through a double glaze firing process, bestowing upon it a rich wooden aesthetic and a timeless antique finish. This process nurtures not only the planter's durability but also its natural beauty, making it a sustainable choice for your indoor or outdoor garden. The compact size of this planter ensures it fits harmoniously on windowsills, bookcases, shelves, or work desks, radiating a blissful and refreshing energy. Its ability to pair gracefully with other planters creates a magical and personalized display, enriching your space with a sense of tranquility and wellness.

The Antique Tiny Pot is more than just a container; it's a small oasis, a nurturing space that promotes plant health and vitality. Equipped with a functional drainage hole, it guarantees the optimal care for your plants, preventing waterlogging and ensuring their flourishing. The Antique Tiny Pot Planter is an invitation to embrace the zen of minimalist living, offering a subtle yet radiant addition to your indoor or outdoor sanctuary. It's a piece that speaks of serenity and renewal, a delightful reminder of nature’s endless cycle of rejuvenation and abundance.

  • Routine Cleaning - Keep your Antique Tiny Pot Planter looking pristine with simple, regular cleanings. A soft cloth is all you need to gently wipe away dirt, ensuring the planter's antique finish remains unblemished. Steer clear of harsh chemicals and abrasives to maintain its charming appearance.
  • Optimal Drainage - For the well-being of the plants in your Antique Tiny Pot, proper drainage is ensured through the inclusion of an integrated drainage hole.
  • Shielding from Harsh Conditions - Preserve the integrity of your planter's glaze by keeping it away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. This precaution helps maintain the planter's aesthetic while ensuring the well-being of its plant inhabitants.
  • Gentle Handling for Durability - Move your Antique Tiny Pot Planter with care, always lifting it from the base to avoid damage. This mindful handling is essential to protect the planter's structure and longevity.
  • Eco-Conscious Disposal - The Antique Tiny Pot Planter is designed with eco-friendly disposal in mind, reflecting our dedication to environmental sustainability. Responsibly discarding the planter at its life's end aligns with our ethos of nurturing and respecting the natural world.

Discover the Antique Tiny Pot from Pariworld, a blend of classic beauty and practicality. This set of two planters, made from high-quality ceramic with an elegant antique finish, exudes a simple yet sophisticated charm. Each planter, designed with minimalism in mind, features a convenient drainage hole, making them perfect for nurturing small plants and herbs.

These pots are specifically tailored for indoor and outdoor use, fitting gracefully on a windowsill, bookcase, shelf, or desk. Not only do they elevate your space with their timeless design, but their practicality in a set of two allows for a harmonious display of your favorite greenery.

Material: Ceramic with Antique Finish

Design: Simple, Minimalistic

Features: Drainage Hole

Suitable For: Small Plants and Herbs

Usage: Indoor and Outdoor

Placement: Windowsill, Bookcase, Shelf, Desk

Weight: 0.216Kg each

Set: Includes 2 Planters

Recycling Information: Recyclable

Dimensions: (W7.62) (H7.62)

  • What type of plants are suitable for the Antique Tiny Pot?

    The Antique Tiny Pot Planter is ideal for small plants and herbs.

  • How do I maintain the appearance of the glaze?

    To preserve the antique finish and rich color, avoid placing the planter in direct sunlight and clean gently with a soft cloth.

  • What is the design style of the Antique Tiny Pot Planter?

    The Antique Tiny Pot Planter features a minimalistic design, embodying simplicity and elegance. Its understated style makes it a timeless addition to any indoor or outdoor space.

  • Can the Antique Tiny Pot Planter fit in small areas?

    Absolutely! The compact size of the Antique Tiny Pot Planter is specifically designed to fit in small spaces. It's an excellent choice for adding greenery to areas like windowsills, desks, bookcases, or small shelves.

  • Is the Antique Tiny Pot Planter a good choice for decorating offices?

    Yes, the Antique Tiny Pot Planter is an excellent choice for office spaces. Its minimalistic design and compact size make it suitable for office desks or shelves, providing a refreshing and stylish touch to the workspace.

  • How does the Antique Tiny Pot Planter impact the ambiance of a room?

    The Antique Tiny Pot Planter offers a subtle yet impactful addition to any room. Its elegant design and the presence of greenery can significantly enhance the ambiance of a space, making it feel more vibrant and stylish.


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