Antique Tree King Pot (set of 2)

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The Antique Tree King Pot is made with high-quality materials that bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home decor.

Care Instructions

Designed with convenience in mind, our Antique Tree King Pots require minimal maintenance. Simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth and they will continue to look stunning for years to come.


Bring the beauty of nature indoors with Pariworld’s planters. The sleek and elegant design adds character to any living space, making them perfect for both modern and traditional home decor styles.


Crafted from high-quality materials, the Antique Tree King Pot offers durability and long-lasting beauty. They withstand the test of time, preserving their charm for years to come.

Color – Wooden

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Antique Tree King Pot (set of 2)
Antique Tree King Pot (set of 2)
Antique Tree King Pot (set of 2)
Antique Tree King Pot (set of 2)

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Step into a world of enchantment with the Antique Tree King Planter, a captivating piece that seamlessly blends the allure of nature with artistic finesse. Designed to resemble a mystical tree stump adorned with a face reminiscent of a tree spirit, this planter introduces a shamanistic vibe to any setting.

Crafted with attention to detail and a vintage finish, the Antique Tree King Planter is not just a vessel for your plants; it is a statement piece that captures the imagination. Its durability ensures that it stands the test of time, making it a perfect choice for those who feel a deep connection to the natural world and wish to infuse their living or workspace with a touch of nature-inspired charm.

With the Antique Tree King Planter, you are not just bringing home a planter; you are inviting a piece of forest magic into your space. As a centrepiece, it commands attention, filling the room with warmth and a sense of wonder. It effortlessly transcends the ordinary, offering a harmonious fusion of art, nature, and mystique. This exquisite creation is a perfect gift for plant lovers, nature enthusiasts, and art aficionados who appreciate the beauty of natural themes.

  • Regular Cleaning - With a damp cloth, wipe off any dirt or dust from the surface of the planter. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they may damage the finish.
  • Protect From Harsh Weather - While these planters are designed to withstand outdoor elements, it is recommended to protect them from prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions.
  • Optimal Drainage - The Antique Tree King Pot comes with a pre-drilled drainage hole to ensure proper water flow and prevent overwatering.
  • Keep Away From Direct Sunlight - Place the planter in a well-lit area but ensure you shield it from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as this may cause the colors to fade.
  • Recycling and Sustainability - When the Antique Tree King Planter reaches its end of life, consider repurposing it as a decorative piece or recycling it at a local recycling centre. By embracing DIY projects, you can give this planter a second life, contributing to sustainable living practices.

Delve into the details of the Antique Tree King Planter and see why it is a must-have for any nature lover:

Material: Durable Ceramic, with a Vintage Finish

Design: Tree Stump with a Face Resembling a Tree Spirit

Suitable For: Indoor & Outdoor Planting

Ideal Placement: Living Room, Bedroom, Workspace

Weight: 0.730Kg each

Set: Includes 2 Planters

Recycling Information: Recyclable

Dimensions: Diameter - 12.5 cm, Height - 14.5 cm

  • What type of plants are suitable for this planter?

    The Antique Tree King Planter is ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor plants. Succulents, cacti, and small herbs are some great options to consider.

  • Can this planter be used outdoors?

    While it is designed for indoor use, these planters can also withstand outdoor conditions. However, it is recommended to protect them from harsh weather and direct sunlight.

  • How can I preserve the vintage finish of the planter?

    To maintain the planter's pristine condition, avoid placing it in areas with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Gently clean the surface with a damp cloth when needed.

  • Is this planter sustainable and environmentally friendly?

    Yes, the Antique Tree King Planter is recyclable and can be repurposed for DIY projects, making it a sustainable choice for your home or office.


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