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Crafted from high-quality fiber-reinforced polymer, the AP KTR Planter stands up to the challenges of time and nature. It's exceptionally durable, ensuring longevity and continuous appeal.

Care Instructions

Use a damp cloth soaked in mild soap and water to wipe off all the dirt and stains easily to maintain its unhindered enchanting appeal.


The AP KTR Planter is designed for versatility, fitting effortlessly into various settings and bringing a touch of Japanese elegance and tranquillity to your environment.


Made from robust fiber-reinforced polymer, the AP KTR Planter is UV-resistant and remains unfaded while maintaining its vibrancy even under the intense Indian sun, ensuring lasting durability and strength.

Color – White

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AP KTR Planter
AP KTR Planter
AP KTR Planter
AP KTR Planter

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Crafted with an eye for minimalistic aesthetics, the AP KTR Planter is a serene homage to the timeless elegance of Japanese decor. It stands as a top choice for bonsai enthusiasts, creating a peaceful retreat in any corner for your little green friend. The planter’s design, harmoniously blending traditional charm with contemporary flair, is versatile enough to cradle small to medium-sized plants, making it an ideal addition to both indoor and outdoor sanctuaries.

Constructed from a robust fiber-reinforced polymer, the AP KTR exudes strength and durability. It features UV-resistant properties, ensuring that it maintains its radiance and colour, even under the relentless Indian sun. This resilience translates into a blissful haven for your plants, offering them nurturing support and protection.

The planter’s bold stance and gracefully accentuated curves not only offer a stable foundation for your greenery but also create a visually enchanting focal point. Its presence in your space is not just about holding plants but about cultivating an atmosphere of serenity and elegance. The AP KTR Planter transforms any setting into a verdant oasis, a place where natural beauty and peaceful harmony thrive.

  • Regular Cleaning - Maintain the serene beauty of your AP KTR Planter by gently cleaning it with a mild soap solution or a gentle cleaning agent. Once finished with wiping off all the dirt and stains, ensure to rinse off the soap residue and dry it thoroughly to maintain its pristine condition.
  • Drainage - For the health and vitality of your plants, it’s essential to provide adequate drainage in the AP KTR Planter. If necessary, drill holes in the base to ensure excess water can escape, safeguarding your plants' roots and promoting a nurturing environment for growth.
  • Indoor Plant Care - When placing the AP KTR Planter indoors, it's crucial to manage water drainage to prevent waterlogging. Consider using a saucer or tray underneath the planter to collect any excess water, ensuring a harmonious and healthy habitat for your indoor plants.
  • Seasonal Attention - While the AP KTR Planter boasts robustness and durability, mindful care during extreme weather conditions is advisable. Temporarily relocating the planter to a sheltered area can protect both the planter and its resident plants, ensuring their continued flourishing in a variety of conditions.
  • Eco-Friendly Recycling - In line with Pariworld’s commitment to sustainability, the AP KTR Planter is 100% recyclable, embodying our dedication to environmental stewardship. When the planter reaches the end of its lifespan, it can easily be recycled at a nearby centre, contributing to a cycle of renewal and respect for nature.

Discover the AP KTR Planter, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends the robustness of fiber-reinforced polymer with the aesthetic grace of traditional Japanese decor. This planter, characterized by its bold shape and accentuated curves, is not only a visual delight but also a testament to practicality and sustainability. Embrace eco-friendly gardening with this fully recyclable planter, available in elegant shades of white and gray.

Material: Fiber Reinforced Polymer 

Shape: Bold with Accentuated Curves 

Features: UV-Resistant, Suitable for Small to Medium-Sized Plants 

Design: Inspired by Japanese Decor 

Usage: Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Environments 

Recycling: Fully Recyclable 

Available Colors: White, Grey 

Weight: 1.750kg 

Dimensions: Height - 20.32 cm, Diameter - 30.48 cm 

  • What makes the AP KTR Planter unique?

    Its design, inspired by Japanese decor, and its UV-resistant material set it apart, making it a perfect choice for bonsai and other small to medium-sized plants.

  • How does the AP KTR Planter handle prolonged sun exposure?

    Thanks to its UV-resistant fiber-reinforced polymer construction, it stands up well to sun exposure, ensuring it retains its colour and integrity over time.

  • How should I dispose of the AP KTR Planter when it's time to replace it?

    The AP KTR Planter is recyclable. To ensure an environmentally responsible disposal, please take it to your nearest recycling facility.

  • Do I Need to Drill Drainage Holes in the AP KTR Planter Before Planting?

    Yes, before planting a live plant in the AP KTR Planter, it's essential to drill drainage holes at the bottom. This step is crucial for proper water management, as it helps to prevent waterlogging, ensuring that your plants have the right balance of moisture. Adequate drainage is key to promoting the health and growth of your plants in the AP KTR Planter.


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