Artificial Dracaena Plant

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The Artificial Dracaena plant comes housed in a sturdy ceramic pot. In addition to the charming aesthetic allure, the ceramic pot is easy to clean and gels well with any style of interior design.


Pariworld's lush green Artificial Dracaena plant allows for versatile placement options. You can place it on a bookshelf, side table, or even as a centerpiece on your dining table. The neutral color and design of the pot make it easy to blend in with any room decor.

Aesthetic Appeal

Not only does the Artificial Dracaena plant add a touch of nature to your living space, but it also adds aesthetic appeal. With its vibrant green leaves and lifelike appearance, the plant brings a sense of freshness and liveliness into any room.


Unlike real plants, you don't have to worry about watering or providing specific growing conditions for the Artificial Dracaena Plant. This makes it the perfect choice for those who may not have a green thumb but still want to enjoy the beauty of plants in their home.

Color – White

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Artificial Dracaena Plant
Artificial Dracaena Plant
Artificial Dracaena Plant
Artificial Dracaena Plant

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Enhance your indoor space with the timeless elegance of our Artificial Dracaena Plant. This lifelike replica, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the dracaena plant, stands at a height of 20.32 cm and comes in a sleek ceramic pot. The dracaena plant's lush foliage and architectural beauty are expertly replicated, offering a burst of greenery and sophistication to your home or office throughout the year. 

The ceramic pot, available in classic White and Black, complements any interior design theme, adding a touch of refinement to your space. Its sleek and minimalist design seamlessly blends with any decor style, making it a versatile choice for various settings. 

With a pot diameter of 7.62 cm, this Artificial Dracaena Plant is perfect for smaller spaces or as an accent piece in more extensive arrangements. Its compact size allows you to place it on a desk, shelf, or side table, effortlessly elevating the ambiance of your surroundings. 

Experience the beauty of nature without the hassle of maintenance. This maintenance-free artificial plant requires no watering, trimming, or sunlight, ensuring long-lasting beauty with minimal effort. Enjoy the vibrant green foliage and intricate details of this exquisite piece of botanical artistry, bringing a touch of nature indoors. 

Elevate your surroundings and create a serene and inviting atmosphere with our Artificial Dracaena Plant. Add a touch of sophistication and botanical charm to your space, making it a place of tranquility and beauty.

  • Regular Dusting - Gently caress your plant's leaves with a soft cloth or duster to ensure it maintains a fresh and vibrant appearance.
  • Pot Care - Gently wipe the ceramic pot with a damp cloth to effortlessly eliminate any dust or stains, ensuring pristine cleanliness and flawless appearance.
  • Indoor Placement - To maintain the impeccable appearance and longevity of the artificial dracaena plant, it is recommended to keep it indoors.
  • Shield From Sunlight - To maintain the vibrancy and color of your plant, it is advised to shield it from direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure may lead to potential fading over time.

This Artificial Plant in a Ceramic Pot is an exquisite addition to any indoor setting, offering the allure of lush greenery without the hassle of maintenance. Its compact size, measuring 7.62 cm in diameter and standing 20.32 cm tall, makes it perfect for a variety of spaces, from elegant desks to stylish shelves. With a choice between sophisticated white and timeless black pot colors, it effortlessly harmonizes with any decor style, adding a touch of refinement to your surroundings.

Material: High-Quality Artificial Plant, Ceramic Pot 

Dimensions: (D7.62 cm) (H20.32 cm) 

Weight: 0.374Kg 

Pot Colors: White, Black 

Usage: Indoor

  • Does the Artificial Dracaena require any maintenance?

    The Artificial Dracaena requires minimal maintenance, only needing occasional dusting to maintain its vibrant appearance.

  • Can I place the artificial plant outdoors?

    The Artificial Dracaena is crafted explicitly for indoor environments, ensuring its visual appeal and durability are preserved for an extended period.

  • Is the pot included with the plant?

    Yes, the Artificial Dracaena comes pre-potted in a stylish ceramic pot.

  • Are there different pot color options available?

    Yes, the ceramic pot is available in two classic colors: White and Black.

  • How do I clean the ceramic pot?

    Gently wipe the pot with a damp cloth to eliminate dust or stains effortlessly.


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