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Meticulously crafted from durable fiber composite material, it exudes timeless elegance and simplicity, making it the perfect addition to any contemporary green area.

Care Instructions

A regular cleaning routine with water and soap, gently applied with a soft cloth, is sufficient to maintain its pristine condition. Steer clear of abrasive materials and harsh solvents.


The Chalice Planter, minimalist yet striking, effortlessly fits into indoor and outdoor spaces, elevating plant aesthetics and creating a serene oasis.


The Chalice Planter is designed to withstand all climatic conditions, providing a year-round sanctuary for your plants.

Color – White

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The Chalice Planter, an epitome of modern elegance and serenity, offers a tranquil retreat for your plants. Its minimalist yet enchanting design seamlessly integrates into any indoor or outdoor setting, enhancing the natural beauty and harmony of your greenery.

Crafted with precision from sustainable fiber composite material, this planter nurtures a lasting bond with your plants, providing a stable and stylish oasis. Its design puts your plants on the center stage, making them a versatile choice for a variety of plant species and herbs, enriching their radiance and grace.

Resilient to all weather conditions, from the invigorating heat of summer to the tranquil rainfall and the rejuvenating frost of winter, the Chalice Planter ensures a blissful sanctuary for your plants year-round. Ready to use and refreshingly simple, it invites you to rejuvenate your gardening routine while uplifting the aesthetic of your space.

Its lightweight yet robust construction, resistant to minor shocks and deformations, embodies the perfect blend of form and functionality. Embrace the Chalice Planter as a graceful addition to your space, an oasis of tranquillity and elegance, where your plants can flourish and blossom in abundance.

  • Regular Cleaning - Maintain the pristine look of your Chalice Planter with effortless care. Gently cleanse using a mild soap solution, steering clear of abrasive cleaners or strong solvents that might damage its refined surface.
  • Efficient Drainage - To ensure optimal plant growth and vitality, make sure to drill additional drainage holes in the bottom of your Chalice Planter before layering soil and adding plants. This will allow excess water to drain out, preventing root rot and promoting a healthy plant life.
  • Seasonal Adaptability - While the Chalice Planter is crafted for resilience, it appreciates additional protection in severe weather. Make sure to relocate it to a sheltered spot or add a protective cover when exposed to harsh weather conditions, ensuring the longevity of both the planter and your plants.
  • Environmentally Friendly Disposal - True to Pariworld's commitment to eco-sustainability, the Chalice Planter is designed with environmental consciousness. At the end of its lifespan, it can be recycled responsibly, aligning with your dedication to environmental stewardship.

Introducing the elegant Chalice Planter, a paragon of sophistication and functionality. Crafted from durable fibre composite, this planter boasts a minimalist chalice shape, perfect for a wide range of plant types. Its weatherproof and shock-resistant features make it suitable for direct planting and ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. Available in elegant white and grey colour options, the Chalice Planter is not only a stylish addition to your space but also fully recyclable, embracing eco-friendly practices without compromising on design.

Material: Fibre Composite

Design: Minimalist Chalice Shape

Features: Suitable for All Plant Types, Weatherproof, Shock-Resistant, Ready for Direct Planting

Usage: Ideal for Both Indoor and Outdoor Settings

Recycling: Fully Recyclable

Colour Options: Available in White and Grey

Dimensions and Weight:

P cup-Chalice Planter 8" - Height - 20.32 cm, Diameter - 20.32 cm, Weight - 0.972 kg

P cup-Chalice Planter 10" - Height - 25.4 cm, Diameter - 25.4 cm, Weight - 1.484 kg

P cup-Chalice Planter 12" - Height - 33.48 cm, Diameter - 33.48 cm, Weight - 1.824 kg

  • Can the Chalice Planter withstand extreme weather conditions?

    Yes, its weatherproof design ensures it remains unscathed and functional through various weather conditions.

  • What sets the Chalice Planter apart from other planters?

    Its minimalist design, combined with its durability and versatility, makes the Chalice Planter a modern, attractive, and practical choice for plant lovers.

  • How do I dispose of the Chalice Planter in an eco-friendly manner?

    The Chalice Planter is 100% recyclable. Please take it to your nearest recycling facility to ensure a responsible and environmentally friendly disposal.

  • Do I Need to Drill Drainage Holes in the Chalice Planter Before Planting?

    Yes, it's important to drill drainage holes at the bottom of the Chalice Planter before planting any live plants. This step is crucial for proper water management, as it allows excess water to escape, preventing waterlogging. Proper drainage is essential for maintaining the health and vitality of your plants, ensuring they thrive in their new home.


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