Chatura Pot - 5” (Set of 5)

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Crafted from exquisitely resilient and premium-grade durable plastic, this sophisticated planter effortlessly elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space, leaving an indelible impression.

Care Instructions

Effortlessly restore the pristine condition of your set of 5 Chatura Pots using a gentle cloth and a solution of mild soap. Refrain from employing harsh solvents or abrasive cleansers to preserve their brilliant shine.


Elevate your space to a serene sanctuary with the Chatura Planter. Whether indoors or outdoors, this versatile pot embodies flexibility. Its exceptional design makes it a perfect fit for any setting, seamlessly blending style and functionality to create a harmonious ambiance.


Crafted from a UV resistant, high-grade durable plastic, the Chatura Pot maintains its vibrant color and shine even when exposed to prolonged direct sunlight. Its exceptional durability ensures long-lasting beauty and functionality.

Color – Yellow

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Chatura Pot - 5” (Set of 5)
Chatura Pot - 5” (Set of 5)
Chatura Pot - 5” (Set of 5)
Chatura Pot - 5” (Set of 5)
Chatura Pot - 5” (Set of 5)
Chatura Pot - 5” (Set of 5)
Chatura Pot - 5” (Set of 5)
Chatura Pot - 5” (Set of 5)

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Experience the impeccable fusion of style and functionality with the exquisite Chatura Planter. Delight in its captivating design, meticulously crafted to elevate your space. Embrace the convenience of a set of 5, ensuring a harmonious ensemble that effortlessly complements any setting.

Taking inspiration from traditional designs, this planter showcases a timeless quadrilateral shape known as 'Chaturbhuja' in Hindi, lending an exquisite touch of elegance to any environment.

With its sturdy build, this product ensures long-lasting durability. The UV-resistant material safeguards the vibrant colours, keeping them from fading even under the blazing Indian sun.

The 5 inches Chatura Planter offers versatility, making it a perfect option for both indoor and outdoor plant enthusiasts. Its adaptability caters to a wide range of plant types, making it an excellent choice for any gardening endeavour. The set of 5 comprises planters in a delightful array of vibrant colours. These colourful additions bring a touch of liveliness to your garden or interior space, creating a visually appealing and vibrant atmosphere.

Every planter is designed with a built-in drainage hole, which effectively prevents waterlogging and promotes optimal plant health. The planters' lightweight design offers effortless mobility and flexibility for arranging them according to your preferences, unlocking limitless possibilities for creative decoration.

  • Regular Cleaning - To ensure that your Chatura Planter remains flawlessly pristine, delicately cleanse it using a soft cloth and a gentle soap solution. To preserve its elegant allure, avoid abrasive substances or potent solvents that may cause scratches, preserving its elegant allure.
  • Drainage - Make sure to drill some holes at the bottom of the planter before putting any live plants in the planter to ensure proper drainage and promote a healthy plant life.
  • Season-Specific Care - Although the Chatura Pot is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, it's important to consider the well-being of your plants. Avoid exposing the planter to harsh rain or direct sunlight to ensure the happiness and health of your green companions.
  • Recycling - The Chatura Planter is made using 100% recyclable materials. By opting for this sustainable choice, you can effortlessly contribute to the environment by simply taking the planter to a local recycling centre when it reaches the end of its life cycle. Join us in embracing the cycle of renewal and demonstrating our deep reverence for nature.

Experience the exquisite Chatura Planter, a perfect addition to your home garden. Crafted from high-grade durable plastic, this pot enhances the beauty of your elegant naturistic abode. With a range of captivating colours, it allows you to infuse your space with your own unique style. Embrace sustainability with our 100% recyclable Chatura Pot, a must-have for environmentally conscious nature enthusiasts. Create an enchanting oasis of your own and elevate your gardening experience with the Chatura Planter.

Material: Durable Plastic

Features: UV-Resistant, Lightweight, Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Available Colours: Multiple Colours

Usage: Indoor & Outdoor

Recycling: 100% Recyclable

Weight: 0.092Kg per planter

Quantity: Set of 5

Size: 5 Inches Only

Dimensions: Height - 13.97cm, Width - 11.43cm

  • Can the Chatura Planter be used for outdoor plants?

    Absolutely! The Chatura Planter is crafted to endure outdoor elements, making it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor plant settings.

  • What types of plants are ideal for the 5 inch Chatura Planter?

    Its adaptable design makes the Chatura Planter perfect for a variety of plants, including flowering species, herbs, and small shrubs, enhancing any garden or indoor space.

  • How can I dispose of the Chatura Planter in an eco-friendly manner?

    The Chatura Planter is 100% recyclable. For environmentally responsible disposal, please take it to a local recycling centre at the end of its use. Help us preserve the environment by choosing sustainable options like the Chatura Planter.

  • How do I ensure proper drainage for my plants in the Chatura Planter?

    The Chatura Planter is designed with a built-in drainage hole to promote optimal plant health. However, it's always recommended to drain some holes at the bottom of the planter before adding live plants, ensuring proper drainage and preventing waterlogging. This will help maintain a healthy environment for your plants and ensure their happiness and growth. With the Chatura Planter, you can easily create a flourishing garden full of vibrant and healthy plants.


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