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Turn your home into a tranquil retreat with the cylindrical marvel shaped CILIN Planter. It is crafted from high-quality German polymer that is known for its resilience, lightweight nature and durability.

Care Instructions

To maintain the shine and pristine condition of your CILIN Planter, use a soft cloth and mild solution to wash it. It's crucial to avoid using abrasive materials like steel wool or harsh sponges as they can scratch the surface.


Elevate the ambience of your home with the elegant and minimalist design of the CILIN Planter. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, its sleek and modern silhouette makes it a perfect addition to any space.


The high-quality German polymer makes CILIN Planter weatherproof and UV-protected. It can easily withstand extreme weather conditions like direct sunlight, heavy rain or chilled frost without getting damaged or discolored.

Color – White

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Include elements of serenity in your living space and infuse tranquility by introducing a cylindrical-shaped CILIN planter. The CILIN Planter is a perfect blend of sleek and modern silhouette design, making it perfect for people who love minimalism and functionality. It adds a touch of sophistication and natural beauty to your home while enhancing the overall aesthetics.

Crafted from high-quality German polymer, it is lightweight, making it easy to shift, carry and relocate to other locations depending on your decorating needs. The high-quality CILIN Planter is frost-free, which means it will not deposit any frost on the surface during watering, making it an ideal option for areas with cold climates. Its UV-protected nature allows it to remain vibrant and unaffected even in direct sunlight, protecting it from sun cracks and enhancing the overall appearance of your garden.

The CILIN planter is not just a container for your plants but a statement of style and functionality that turns your surroundings into a stylish and green escape. Its weatherproofing quality and durability make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. This planter is perfect for filling with soil and encouraging plant growth, or you can place a potted plant directly into it. To maintain its allure and freshness, you just have to adopt regular cleaning with a soft cloth.

  • Regular Cleaning - To maintain the CILIN Planter, wash it regularly using a soft cloth and mild solution. Moreover, avoid using abrasive materials such as steel wool or harsh sponges, as these could scratch the surface of the planter and damage its design.
  • Drainage - Before introducing the live plants into the CILIN Planter, remember to drill drainage holes at the bottom of it to remove excess water. This encourages proper water management and creates a supportive environment for the growth of your plants.
  • Seasonal Care - Although CILIN Planter is frost-free, UV-protected and weatherproof, your green friends may require extra care in case of extreme weather conditions. Placing them in a sheltered location in such a situation protects them from damage and keeps them cherished.

Dive into the detailed specifications of the CILIN Planter, an epitome of style, design, and functionality. Crafted from high-quality German polymer, it is frost-free, UV-protected, and weatherproof, making it ideal for all weather conditions. Its lightweight nature, cylindrical shape, and sleek design seamlessly integrate into any indoor or outdoor setting and radiate both style and comfort. Available in six different sizes and the two most elegant colors- white and grey, this CILIN planter creates a masterpiece where greenery meets royalty.

Material: High-Quality German Polymer

Shape: Cylindrical

Color Options: White, Grey

Features: UV Protected, Frost Free, Lightweight, Suitable for Direct Plantation, All Weather Proof

Usage: Indoor & Outdoor

Variant 1:

Weight: 0.604 Kg

Dimensions: Height - 20.3 cm, Diameter - 20.3 cm

Variant 2:

Weight: 0.930 Kg

Dimensions: Height - 25.4 cm, Diameter - 25.4 cm

Variant 3:

Weight: 1.342 Kg

Dimensions: Height - 30.4 cm, Diameter - 30.4 cm

Variant 4:

Weight: 2.124 Kg

Dimensions: Height - 38.1 cm, Diameter - 38.1 cm

Variant 5:

Weight: 2.888 Kg

Dimensions: Height - 43.1 cm, Diameter - 43.1 cm

Variant 6:

Weight: 3.810 Kg

Dimensions: Height - 50.8 cm, Diameter - 50.8 cm

  • Can I use the CILIN Planter for outdoor plants?

    Yes, the CILIN Planter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants, thanks to its weatherproof and UV-protected material.

  • Is the planter durable?

    Absolutely, the CILIN Planter is crafted from high-quality German polymer, ensuring its durability and longevity.

  • What types of plants can I grow in the CILIN Planter?

    The CILIN Planter's sleek design and cylindrical shape accommodate a wide variety of plant types, making it ideal for flowers, herbs, and small and medium sized plants.

  • Is the planter lightweight?

    Yes, the CILIN Planter is lightweight and easy to shift, making it convenient for relocation and decoration purposes.


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