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Transform your home into a green oasis with KTR bowl planter crafted from top-tier German polymer, known for its durability and strength.

Care Instructions

Preserve the aesthetic charm and lustrous appearance of the KTR bowl planter by cleaning it with a mild soap or detergent solution. Avoid using any abrasive material and use only soft cloth to clean it.


Elevate your living environment and ensure freshness and vitality with the versatile KTR Bowl Planter. This harmoniously designed planter is perfect for both indoor and outdoor locations.


The top-tier German polymer has weatherproof and UV-resistant qualities to withstand extreme Indian weather conditions and maintain vibrancy even under direct sunlight.

Color – White

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KTR Bowl Planter
KTR Bowl Planter
KTR Bowl Planter
KTR Bowl Planter

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Feel the serenity and tranquility of Japanese design with this KTR Bowl Planter. Crafted from premium German polymer, the KTR bowl planter adds the elegance and royalty of East Asian Culture to your home. It breathes life into your living spaces and creates a harmonious sanctuary for rejuvenation.

The harmonious and versatile design of the KTR bowl planter seamlessly integrates with the modern interior of your home and adds a touch of minimalism and simplicity. Its elegant and beautiful bowl shape allows it to take center stage in your home and creates an enchanting focal point that infuses vitality into your living space.

It also contains UV-proof features and weatherproofing qualities to ensure that it can resist adverse weather without losing its vibrancy in direct sunlight. These qualities make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, fostering an oasis of greenery, beauty and calmness in your house. With soft cleaning and maintenance, you can keep your planter for a much longer time, making it perfect for your green friends.

Designed especially for Bonsai, it cradles various other plants also, from floral beauties to green companions and allows you to step into the elegance of a beautiful green paradise. Its ideal size makes it fit for every place, from a tabletop to the balcony and flower bed in the garden. Moreover, its fully recyclable nature makes it a perfect choice for eco-conscious people.

  • Regular Cleaning - Preserve the elegance and vividness of the KTR bowl planter by following a gentle cleaning routine. Apply a mild soap or detergent solution with a soft cloth to clean the dirt and debris of the planter and maintain its lustrous appearance.
  • Drainage - Before introducing the live plants into the KTR bowl planter, ensure to drill holes at the bottom of the planter to facilitate proper drainage. This maintains the overall health of the plant and increases its lifespan.
  • Seasonal Care - Although KTR Bowl Planters are strong, weatherproof and UV-protected, your green friends require safety in extreme weather conditions. Relocate the planter to a safe place during harsh weather and ensure your plant’s safety.
  • Recycling - Pariworld emphasizes a dedication to environmental sustainability and eco-friendly manufacturing. Our KTR Bowl Planter is 100% recyclable, which means you can take it to any local recycler when it reaches the end of its life cycle.

Explore the detailed specifications of elegant and beautiful KTR bowl planters that carry a blend of strength, durability and environmental sustainability. The planter comes in one universal size that can meticulously fit into any living space. Available in the two most sophisticated and elegant colours - white and grey, these planters create a symphony of peace and calmness.

Their fully recyclable nature allows you to contribute to environmental sustainability. Its resistance to UV rays ensures that the plant never loses its allure and keeps adding a touch of sophistication to your space for an extended period.

Material: German Polymer

Design: Bowl Shape

Features: UV Resistant, All-Weather Proof

Usage: Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Settings

Recycling: Fully Recyclable

Colour Options: White, Grey

Dimensions: Height - 25.04 cm, Diameter - 45.72 cm

Weight: 1.300kg

  • What type of plants is the KTR Bowl best suited for?

    The KTR Bowl is ideal for Bonsai, small to medium plants, flowering plants, or herbs, thanks to its low profile and balanced design.

  • How can I maintain the shine of my KTR Bowl?

    A gentle cleaning routine using mild soap or detergent and a soft cloth will keep your KTR Bowl looking as good as new.

  • How should I recycle my KTR Bowl at the end of its lifecycle?

    To uphold eco-responsibility, please take your KTR Bowl to a recycling facility for proper disposal, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.

  • What makes the KTR Bowl Planter unique?

    The KTR Planter stands out due to its Italian design ingenuity, Japanese aesthetics, and refined elegance of East Asian culture that allow it to take centre stage in the living space.

  • Is the KTR Bowl Planter durable?

    Yes, the planter is made from top-tier solid German polymer, which is UV-resistant and weatherproof. This ensures the planter’s long-lasting quality and durability.


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