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Enrich your garden with a sleek and tapering V-shape Max Planter made from premium hybrid polymer and composite, the strong materials known for its strength and durability.

Care Instructions

Maintain its pristine condition by cleaning it with a mild soap solution and a soft sponge. Avoid using abrasive materials and harsh cleaning to preserve its flawless and prime surface.


Cultivate elegance in your living area with a Max Planter. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, its versatile design blends seamlessly with modern interiors and contrasting wall colors.


The weatherproof and UV-resistant surface of Max Planter allows it to remain steadfast even in diverse weather conditions and maintain its longevity without deteriorating.

Color – White

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Turn your surroundings into a lush haven of refreshing greenery with the minimalist and elegant Max Planter. Originating from Italy and crafted from durable hybrid polymer and composite, this tapering V-shaped planter can transform your space into a tranquil retreat. Its versatile design and soft colors blend seamlessly with a modern interior and add a touch of royalty to your living area.

The strong and UV-protected planter is resilient to all weather conditions and will become your vibrant charm of greenery for a long-lasting period. Its resilient nature makes Max Planter a perfect fit for outdoor and indoor spaces and can transform your entire home into an enchanting tapestry of greenery.

From tiny minimalistic plants to vibrant and colorful medium-sized plants, it can hold your favorite floral friends and green allies perfectly well. You have the freedom to put these magical planters with colorful plants on the tabletops, balconies, drawing rooms, gardens, terraces, etc. to ensure freshness, serenity, and abundance. Moreover, the effortless cleaning, easy maintenance, and weatherproof quality make it an aesthetic investment for your home.

  • Regular Cleaning - Increase the lifespan of your leafy companions by following a gentle cleaning routine. Use a mild soap solution with a soft rag to wipe it. Avoid using any abrasive materials like steel wool and harsh cleaning agents to ensure its elegant appearance for a longer period.
  • Drainage - Before adding the live plant to the Max planter, ensure that you drill drainage holes at the bottom to allow excess water to escape. This prevents salinity buildup and regulates moisture levels, which promotes the overall health of the plant.
  • Seasonal Care - Although Max planters are chip resistant and can withstand mild shocks, it's essential to place them in a safe and sheltered location during extreme weather conditions. This can save your green friends from potential damage and keep them safe and cherished.
  • Recycling - At Pariworld, we are committed to sustainability and use eco-friendly materials in our manufacturing process. The Max planter is 100% recyclable in nature, which means you can take it to any local recycler when it reaches the end of its useful life.

Explore the detailed specifications of an enriching, tapering V-shaped Max planter that carries your beautiful green companies. The planter comes in white and grey colors - the colors of elegance, sophistication, and cleanliness that can fill your living area with grace, harmony, and delight.

It comes in an ideal dimension which makes it suitable for a variety of flourishing and colorful plants. Whether you wish to make your home a green oasis with a series of Max Planters or just let a single planter promote aesthetic enchantment, this planter is the perfect choice.

Material: Hybrid Polymer and Composite

Design: Tapering V-shape

Features: UV Resistant, All-Weather Proof

Usage: Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Settings

Origin: Designed in Italy

Recycling: Fully Recyclable

Color Options: White, grey

Dimensions: Height - 33.02 cm, Diameter - 30.48 cm

Weight: 1.384kg

  • Can the Max Planter withstand the harsh Indian climate?

    Absolutely; its UV-resistant and all-weather-proof features make it perfectly suited for the Indian climate.

  • How can I arrange multiple Max Planters for a cohesive look?

    Creating rows or clusters of Max Planters can result in a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing green display, complementing modern interiors with ease.

  • How should I go about recycling the Max Planter?

    Please ensure to take it to your nearest recycling station or plant, contributing to eco-responsibility and avoiding landfill disposal.

  • Can I keep the Max Planter outdoors?

    Yes, the Max Planter is UV and weather-resistant, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • How do I maintain the color and texture of the Max planter?

    Regular cleaning with a mild soap solution using a soft sponge will help maintain its pristine condition.


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