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Crafted from advanced composite fiber that is known for its durability and flexibility, the MGF Planter can garnish your space with elegance and sophistication without losing resilience and shine over time.

Care Instructions

To maintain the appeal and shine of your spherical-shaped MGF planter, clean it with a soft rag, mild soap solution, and water.


The strong and durable composite fiber and artistic appeal of the MGF Planter make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. It raises the tranquility of your living space and uplifts the surroundings.


The MGF Planter stands as a testament to modern artistry with a blend of the vivacity of the sun and the grace of the lamp. Its artistic appeal with bold and vibrant designs makes it an extraordinary piece of art.

Color – White

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MGF Planter
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Instill a sense of elegance to your living or office space with MGF Planter, an aesthetic masterpiece in its own right. Its bold and vibrant design seamlessly blends with the lushness of your thriving garden and the interior of your living space, creating a picturesque haven of serenity. Its beautiful spherical shape presents a testament to modern artistry that draws inspiration from modernist paintings.

The high-strength advanced composite fibre not only makes the MGF planter durable but also lightweight and strong. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor locations, MGF planters create an atmosphere of enchanting retreats. Whether you wish to place the Planter on an office table to instil a sense of natural opulence or on a balcony to create a green oasis, this Planter serves all the purposes. Perfectly suited for small to medium-sized herbs and plants, the spherical design of the MGF Planter ensures your green companions become a central point of attraction.

This aesthetic design planter, available in two different sizes, simply caters to a variety of spatial requirements, from a small corner to a vast living space. Moreover, the high-quality composite fiber ensures that the Planter maintains its allure and resilience for a longer time and looks royal and aesthetic. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can maintain the shine, timeless design and elegance of the MGF Planter.

  • Regular Cleaning - Protect your Planters from dirt accumulation by cleaning them with a soft rag, water and a mild soap solution. Avoid using any abrasive material or strong detergents that can cause harm to the color and elegance of your Planter.
  • Drainage - Before planting a live plant into an MGF planter, make sure to drill holes at the bottom. It helps remove excess water from the planter and improves drainage, maintaining plant health and longevity.
  • Seasonal Care - Although the MGF planter is strong and durable, your green friends may get damaged in extreme weather like thunderstorms. So, relocate the planters to a sheltered location to protect the resident plants and ensure their safety and longevity.
  • Recycling - Pariworld follows ethical practices that contribute to environmental sustainability. Our MGF planters are fully recyclable, which means they can be dropped off at any local recycling center when it reaches the end of their lifetime.

Discover the detailed specifications of MGF planters that pay tribute to modernist paintings. It comes in two different sizes that cater to any space and raise the vibrancy of the place. Available in two elegant colors - white and grey, they infuse refined beauty and simplicity into your space. The bold and vibrant design transforms your environment into a colorful paradise of tranquility and abundance.

Their fully recyclable nature matches your eco-friendly gardening practices and allows you to contribute to environmental sustainability. It is lightweight but completely guarantees durability and resilience over time.

Material: Composite Fiber

Shape: Spherical

Features: Lightweight, Modern Design Inspired by Modernist Paintings, Suitable for Small to Medium Plants

Usage: Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Environments

Recycling: Fully Recyclable

Available Colors: White, Grey

Weight: MGF Planter 10" - 1.050kg, MGF Planter 13" - 1.760kg

Dimensions: 2 Variants

MGF Planter 10" - Height - 25.4 cm, Diameter - 12.7 cm

MGF Planter 13" - Height - 33.02 cm, Diameter - 20.32 cm

  • What makes the MGF Planter unique?

    The MGF Planter is distinguished by its modernist painting-inspired design, lightweight yet durable composite fiber construction, and its spherical shape that beautifully showcases your plants.

  • How do I properly clean my MGF Planter?

    Use a soft rag, water, and a mild soap solution for gentle cleaning. Avoid abrasive materials to prevent any potential scratches on the surface.

  • How should I dispose of my MGF Planter when it's time to replace it?

    The MGF Planter is made from recyclable materials. Please take it to your nearest recycling station to ensure environmentally responsible disposal.

  • Where should we keep the MGF planter indoors?

    You can keep the MGF planter in any indoor space, whether it is on a windowsill, shelf, entryway or tabletop. Ensure to place a saucer or tray underneath to protect your surfaces from water damage.

  • What types of plants are best suited for the MGF Planter?

    The MGF Planter's flexible and versatile design makes it suitable for a wide variety of plant types, from floral companies to green allies and evergreen plants.


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