Sansevieria Whitney (Snake Plant)

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Water Requirement

To ensure optimal watering, it is recommended to wait until the soil is completely dry. This plant is highly tolerant to drought and thrives with infrequent hydration. The Sansevieria Whitney Snake Plant can also be cultivated in water, but make sure to change the water regularly.


During its growth phase, applying a touch of organic fertilizer once or twice a year is sufficient to ensure optimal nourishment and development.

Light & Temperature

While the Sansevieria Whitney Snake Plant prefers bright, indirect light, it also adapts to low light conditions. Comfortable within a temperature range of 15-29°C, it can also tolerate slightly cooler climates. It is particularly well-suited for North Indian weather conditions.

Pruning & Repotting

To maintain its visual allure, carefully trim away any yellowing or damaged leaves using clean scissors. Also, clean the leaves with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt that may have accumulated. This will help the plant to photosynthesise more effectively. Gauge the growth of the plant. Once a plant seems to have considerably grown it's beneficial to repot the plant. Use a slightly larger pot and ensure the soil is well-draining.

Planter Size
Color – White

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Sansevieria Whitney (Snake Plant)
Sansevieria Whitney (Snake Plant)
Sansevieria Whitney (Snake Plant)
Sansevieria Whitney (Snake Plant)
Sansevieria Whitney (Snake Plant)
Sansevieria Whitney (Snake Plant)

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The Snake Plant Whitney, a member of the snake plant family, is an evergreen perennial celebrated for its upright, sword-like leaves that gracefully reach heights of 2-3 feet. These leaves boast elegant greenish-grey markings, resembling delicate water droplets, artfully framed by yellow margins.

The Snake Plant Whitney brings a distinctive aesthetic appeal due to its tall, sculptural leaves that command attention. Use this to your advantage by placing it in an area where it can serve as a focal point, such as a corner of a room or near a piece of statement furniture. Due to its compact size, it can also be used effectively on desktops or tabletops, adding a dash of greenery without overpowering the space. This plant's unique leaf patterns and colors complement a variety of decor styles, from modern minimalistic to rustic or bohemian. Its upright growth habit makes it an excellent choice for narrow spaces, like a hallway or a narrow shelf, where it can add height and interest without taking up much horizontal space. Remember to rotate your plant occasionally to ensure it gets even light and maintains its symmetrical growth.

Recognized by NASA for its remarkable air-purifying capabilities, it effectively filters out harmful toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. Its remarkable resilience and ability to thrive in low light conditions make it an ideal choice for beginners. Whether adorning a home or office space, its striking appearance combined with its air-purifying prowess make it an invaluable addition. It also thrives in air-conditioned rooms and office environments.

For those seeking a soil-less approach, Snake Plant Whitney can be cultivated in water. Ensure regular water changes to maintain its thriving condition. If you're thinking about moving it outdoors, it's recommended to acclimate it in a semi-shaded area for two days. This will ensure a smooth transition and help maintain its health. This plant possesses toxic properties. It's crucial to ensure it's kept out of reach from pets and children to prevent accidental ingestion.

  • Beginner Friendly - Due to its remarkable resilience to neglect and exceptional adaptability to low light conditions, the Sansevieria whitney snake plant has become a firm favorite among beginners in the world of gardening. This hardy plant can survive in a variety of environments and is an ideal choice for those who are new to caring for plants.
  • Low Maintenance - One of the primary reasons why snake plants are so popular among beginners is their low maintenance nature. They require very little water, making them perfect for forgetful or busy individuals who may not have time to regularly tend to their plants.
  • Air Purifying - Renowned by NASA for its exceptional air-purifying capabilities, this remarkable plant effortlessly filters out harmful toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from the air and ensures a healthy home environment.
  • Versatile Placement - The snake plant Whitney is also incredibly versatile in terms of placement options. It can thrive in both low light and bright, indirect light conditions, making it an ideal choice for any room in your home or office. Additionally, it does not require a lot of space and can be placed on tabletops, shelves, or even as a hanging plant.
  • How often should I water the Snake Plant Whitney?

    Water the Snake Plant Whitney only when the topsoil feels fry. Avoid overwatering as it can be harmful to the plant and cause root rot.

  • Is it suitable for low-light conditions?

    Yes, it's adaptable to both low and bright indirect light conditions.

  • Can it purify the air?

    NASA acknowledges this plant's air-purifying abilities as it effortlessly filters out harmful toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene, promoting a healthy home environment.

  • Is it safe around pets?

    No, it's toxic to pets upon ingestion, so it's vital to place it out of their reach.

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  • Sansevieria Whitney (Snake Plant) plant with pot: Height - 38.1 to 45.72cm
  • Pot Size: Height - 12.7 cm
  • Soil Media: Coco Peat
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