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Crafted from high-quality German polymer, this planter features resilience and elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

Care Instructions

Requires simple cleaning with a mild detergent, making it a convenient choice for busy individuals. It is important to avoid using harsh solvents or abrasive materials.


The Toulan Tapered Planter has a sleek and modern design, making it versatile for indoor and outdoor use. Add a touch of greenery to your living room or spruce up your patio or balcony with this stylish planter.


Made with durable material and a UV-resistant coating, the Toulan Tapered planter can withstand any type of weather condition without fading or cracking.

Color – White

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TK/ Toulan Tapered Planter
TK/ Toulan Tapered Planter
TK/ Toulan Tapered Planter
TK/ Toulan Tapered Planter
TK/ Toulan Tapered Planter

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Enhance the beauty of your home or office with the TK/ Toulan Tapered Planter. Made from high-quality German polymer, this modern gardening masterpiece boasts a sleek square silhoutte inspired by the cubist art. The Toulan Tapered planter is designed to add a touch of sophistication to any space, whether it is placed indoors or outdoors. From balconies, foyers, room corners, and office areas, this versatile planter is sure to catch the eye and bring a touch of greenery to any space.

The towering structure of Toulan Tapered planter makes it an ideal home for tall trees, plants, and shrubs. Its generous depth provides ample room for root growth, ensuring that your plants stay healthy and flourish. The sleek design creates a harmonious balance with modern furnishings, while the white and grey color options add a touch of elegance to any room or outdoor area.

With its UV-resistant coating, the Toulan Tapered Planter is designed to withstand harsh sunlight and extreme weather conditions without fading or cracking. This makes it a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, its sturdy construction ensures that it can handle any impact or force without breaking or chipping. The perfect blend of aesthetic allure and durability of this planter is sure to transform your green space into a modern sanctuary.

  • Regular Cleaning -To maintain the sleek and modern look of your Toulan Tapered planter, gently clean it with a mild detergent solution. Avoid using strong solvents or abrasive materials that may compromise its flawless appearance.
  • Drainage - Before placing a live plant in the Toulan Tapered planter, it is crucial to create holes at the bottom. This simple step guarantees adequate drainage and enhances the overall well-being of your plant.
  • Seasonal Care - Although the Toulan Tapered planter is weatherproof, your plants may need some extra care during extreme temperatures. Consider moving them to a more suitable location or creating shade for them if necessary.
  • Recycling - At Pariworld, we prioritize sustainability and strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Our TK/Toualn Tapered planter is crafted from recyclable materials, making it an eco-friendly option for your home or garden. When the planter reaches the end of its life cycle, simply take it to a local recycler to ensure proper disposal.

Discover everything you need to know about the TK/Toulan Tapered planter to ensure a perfect fit for your space. Each variant is carefully crafted with specific dimensions and weight to cater to different planting needs, offering both versatility and style for your gardening projects.

Material: German Polymer

Design: Square, Tapered

Features: UV Protected, Unbreakable, Weatherproof

Usage: Indoor & Outdoor

Recycling: Recyclable

Colors: Available in White and Grey

Dimensions and Weight:

TK- Toulan Tapered 18" X 12" - Height: 45.72 cm, Width: 30.48 cm, Weight: 2.188kg

TK- Toulan Tapered 24" X 12" - Height: 60.96 cm, Width: 30.48 cm, Weight: 3.310kg

  • Can I plant directly into the Toulan Tapered Planter?

    Yes, the planter is designed for direct potting, thanks to its robust construction.

  • How do I maintain the colour and texture of the planter?

    To preserve the flawless appearance of your planter, clean it regularly with a mild detergent solution and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.

  • What's the recycling process for the Toulan Tapered Planter?

    The planter is fully recyclable. Please ensure to take it to a proper recycling facility to avoid contributing to landfill waste.

  • Where can I keep the Toulan Tapered Planter?

    The planter can be placed indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference. Its weatherproof and UV-resistant design makes it suitable for any setting.

  • What type of plants can I use in the Toulan Tapered Planter?

    The square tapered design and generous depth make it ideal for a variety of plants, from tall trees to flowers and shrubs. Just ensure proper drainage by creating holes at the bottom of the planter.


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