UCTR Rectangle Planter

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Elevate your environment into a verdant paradise with the UCTR Rectangle Planter. Constructed from sturdy German polymer, this planter exudes perseverance, resistance and durability.

Care Instructions

Maintaining the allure of the UCTR Rectangle Planter is simple. Regular washing the planter with water will keep it looking as good as new. Avoid using harsh sponges, steel wool, or other abrasive cleaning materials to prevent scratching the surface.


Transform your home into a green paradise with the UCTR Rectangle planter, a modern and sophisticated addition perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Its rectangular shape and sleek straight lines make it a perfect fit for any setting.


Crafted from a high-quality hybrid fiber and composites, the UCTR Rectangle planter is UV-protected, weatherproof, and chip and fade-resistant. It can withstand extreme weather conditions without losing its color.

Color – White

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UCTR Rectangle Planter
UCTR Rectangle Planter
UCTR Rectangle Planter
UCTR Rectangle Planter

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Transform your living space into a serene sanctuary with a UCTR Rectangle planter. It is an elegant rectangle-shaped planter with sleek straight lines providing a contemporary aesthetic while infusing tranquility and greenery in your space. Crafted from German Polymer, this rectangle-shaped planter is built to endure the test of time. Its modern design, robust construction and elegant colors make it a well-liked option for both interior designers and homeowners.

The UCTR Rectangle planter is resistant to chipping and fading, which helps it maintain its pristine appearance throughout its lifespan. Its UV-protected quality makes it resistant to the risk of discoloration even when exposed to direct sun rays. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Being suitable for direct plantation, this planter allows you to plant directly into the planter and turn your home into a green oasis that radiates natural grace and freshness.

It cradles various plants, from small shrubs to larger greenery, infusing any space with a breath of refreshment and positivity. This modern and sophisticated addition, resistant to all weather conditions, fosters an oasis of greenery and calmness that welcomes you with open arms. To maintain the elegant appearance of the planter, simply wash it with water and protect it from strong chemicals.

  • Regular Cleaning - To maintain the sleek finish and integrity of the UCTR Rectangle planter, wash it regularly with water using a soft cloth. To avoid scratching the surface, refrain from applying abrasive cleaning materials like steel wool or harsh sponges.
  • Drainage - Before introducing the live plant in the planter, make sure to drill a hole in the base of the planter for proper drainage and avoid waterlogging. This allows your planter to remove excess water and eliminate the chances of plant decay due to an unbalanced combination of water and soil.
  • Seasonal Care - Although the UCTR Rectangular planter is UV-protected, weatherproof, and resistant to chipping, your plants may not be. During harsh weather, it's best to reallocate the planters to a safe and sheltered location to keep your green friends protected and cherished.

Dive into the detailed specifications of the UCTR Rectangle planter, a stylish and durable solution for your planting needs. With its sleek straight lines, rectangular shape, modern design and robust construction, this sophisticated planter adds a touch of elegance and refinement to your home. Available in the two most elegant colors - white and gray, this stylish planter converts your living space into a green paradise filled with lively energy, natural elegance, and rejuvenating spirit.

The UCTR Rectangle planter, made of hybrid polymers and composites, is weatherproof, UV-protected, and resistant to chips and fading, making it a great addition to both indoor and outdoor areas. Designed to resist all weather conditions while maintaining its aesthetic appeal, this substantial size planter that supports direct plantation is a perfect addition to your home aesthetics.

Material: German Polymer

Shape: Rectangle

Size: Height - 30.00 cm, Width - 30.00 cm, Length - 60.00 cm

Weight: 3.014 Kg

Color Options: White, Grey

Features: UV Protected, Suitable for Direct Plantation, All Weather Proof, Durable, Chip and Fade Resistant

Usage: Indoor & Outdoor

  • Can the UCTR Rectangle Planter be used outdoors?

    Yes, its all-weather proof design and UV protection makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Is the planter suitable for direct plantation?

    Absolutely, the UCTR Rectangle Planter is designed for direct plantation. However, it's important to drill a drainage hole for proper drainage to ensure the health of your plants.

  • How should I clean the planter?

    Wash your planter with water on a regular basis. Use a soft, damp cloth if required.

  • What types of plants are ideal for the UCTR Rectangle Planter?

    Its contemporary design and substantial size make it perfect for a variety of plants, including flowering species, larger greenery, and small shrubs.


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